“Eurasia for youth entrepreneurship and social business” (EYES) is an innovative project that brings together European and Asian non-governmental organizations in order to develop young people’s skills in the social economy field.

    We consider the social economy as an innovative and sustainable economic and social alternative. We promote the social and solidarity economy at a local and international level to plant the seeds of a new entrepreneur’s generation and to inspire new initiatives.

    The consortium gathers various international partners that are involved in the project realization in order to create and develop the
    young people’s interest for entrepreneurship and social economy.

    The objectives are multiple:
– Foster youth employability and entrepreneurship by offering them the tools needed and by improving their sustainable development knowledge.
– Help youth workers by providing them a special support in the social and solidarity economy knowledge transfer to their young audience.
– Allow social entrepreneurs to develop an international network to encourage youth entrepreneurship in this sector.
From those exchanges and different international meetings since 2015, this website and an international social economy good practices guide (freely available on the website) have been created.

    In 2019, 5 organizations in Europe and Asia cooperated for the project Keep your eyes open which aimed to foster the international network of active organizations in the field of social entrepreneurship and enrich EYES website. Open M in Vietnam, Virlanie in Philippines, Europski Slavonski Broad in Croatia, D’avent in Roumania and Eurasia net in France worked together within a KA2 strategic partnership Erasmus+ project funded by the European Commission. 3 International meetings and the contribution of Open up your eyes volunteering program allowed the website to evolve and the video “How to launch a social business” to be created.


    L’Économie sociale et solidaire représente près de 10% du produit intérieur brut français, et rassemble 10% des salariés en France. L’ESS est un secteur en développement décisif pour l’emploi : les coopératives agricoles, par exemple, représentent 40% de l’agroalimentaire français avec des marques reconnues comme Yoplait ou Banette.